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Bust-A-Ride bikes meets UK’s stringent safety standards.

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Bust-A-Ride ColourRider

Bust-A-Ride ColourRider

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Questioning the road legality of our Bust-A-Ride bikes with twist-and-go throttle? Find out more…

Introducing the Bust-A-Ride ColourRider - the ultimate 2-seater electric bike for commuting, holidays, and fun rides. With a sleek design and vibrant colors, it offers a thrilling experience. The front basket provides convenient storage. Stay safe with lights and reliable brakes. Go eco-friendly and enjoy the ride. Don't miss out on the Bust-A-Ride ColourRider!

The two-seated design means that it can carry two people, making it a great option for friends who want to ride together. And because it is electric, it is also eco-friendly and produces zero emissions, helping to reduce pollution and protect the environment.

Overall, this road legal electric bike is a convenient and sustainable mode of transportation for short commutes or leisurely rides, without the need for a driver's license.




• Max Range: 30km
• Max Speed: 25km/h
• Wheel Size: 14”
• Voltage: 48V
• Wattage: 250W
• Charging Time: 6 Hours
• Max Load: 150KG
• Power Supply: Lead Acid Battery
• Battery Capacity: 48V 12AH
• Seat Capacity: 2
• Removable Battery Weight: 15kg
• Bike Weight: 25kg

 Key Features:

Mobile Charging: Keep your devices charged while on the go.

Lead Acid Batteries: Reliable and replaceable power source.

Removable Battery: Easily detachable battery allows for convenient charging wherever you are.

Reinforced Vacuum Explosion Proof / Puncture Resistance Tires:
For enhanced safety and durability.

LED Front Angle Eyes Headlight:
Bright illumination for night riding.

Rear Warning Light and Reflector: For increased visibility and safety.

High-Quality Comfortable Leather Seats: Enjoy a comfortable ride.

Wide Anti-Skid Pedal and Non-Slip Handlebar / Comfortable Grip: For secure and comfortable control.

Quadruple Braking:
Enhanced safety with multiple braking options.

One-Button Locking, One-Button Start:
For convenience and security.


• 1x Basket 
• 2x Keys
• 1x Charger



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